A few thoughts on his prophecies, the fulfilled and the future ones. A man who was close to God was allowed to see Father’s will for this world.

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  1. magicmaxx

    Its sad to look forward to the end of the American empire but it will nice to see so much corruption disappear from the world for good after the fire dies down the world will bloom again

  2. Chelle Lewis

    Thank you. Very interesting. Best to move from South Australia? I don't see the promised link. Please could you share it.

  3. Chelle Lewis

    #26 Economic dip like 1929. Designed by capitalist interests looking to take control of world economic system…. basically Siener foresaw Covid.

  4. Amber Dawn

    Interpretations of Siener Visions are incorrect re Russia. Russia is no longer red, no longer communist. The red are the Luciferian NWO Communists and China. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Interpreters like Adriaan Snyman tried to justify it by saying Russia would go communist again. It hasn't. It won't. Putin is now firmly in place till 2036. That is 16 more years.

  5. SandyB3

    We’ve just experienced #26 massive economic collapse. It wasn’t the GFC it’s the planned 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. #35 Western countries over run by people from ME

  6. G T

    An Englishman once told me that you can see all over Africa where the Afrikaners settled. Just by looking at the church buildings. One hotel for every settlement where the men would drink together, and five churches, because they will never pray together, so much for their covenant!!!

  7. G T

    Another one of Sieners prophesies came true this week, right before our very eyes. Britain would leave the union and this would trigger its collapse. Britain voted to leave the EU on the 12th of December 2019. Next. Britain will give Northern Ireland its independence. We know what the outcome will be!!!

  8. G T

    There were many fulfilled prophesies that you did not cover, such as the murder of de la Rey and Siener prophesied his own death, to the day. Of the over 700 Prophesies that he prophesied over 650 have already come to pass, many of which are being fulfilled right before our very eyes. Another significant prophesy is the German alliance agreement with the boers, wich was rewoken up last year.

  9. G T

    My granddaughter who turns eight on the 3rd Of January 2019 came into my bedroom when she was 3 years old, flung open the curtains and pointed to the sky She said "Kyk Granny, die Here kom". I was shocked and I ask her to repeat what she said. She again pointed to the sky and said. "Kyk, kan jy Hom nie sien nie?, Hy maak hom reg om terug te kom"!

  10. Doraan Cilliers

    Boere liberale Sal dieper kruip sy vel kleur vi Ander deur om Meer te meng… Boere Kan lankal ni Meer saam staan ni MA Kan Ander vi raai

  11. Trevor Khaba

    They never quote his words, they only give hindsight interpretations. If Trump died tomorrow they'd fish up some Seine quote about porridge getting cold and say he was predicting the death of Trump.

  12. Michael Murphy

    If the US,and UK didnt cause mayhem around the world,then refugees wouldn't be pouring into the west,like they are.I love watching chickens come home to roost

  13. Tony Annicelli

    This man sounds like a genuine prophet. I have never heard of him. I wonder if his works have been translated into English?????

  14. Karin Arnaud

    What puzzles me is that Nelson Mandela was not in a glass casket and was not buried in the Hero's Acre. I cannot think of another SA leader who would receive this kind of recognition or funeral. Many, perhaps all of Siener's prophesies were fulfilled, but seemingly not this one or not in the only person it could have been. I'm sincerely curious to hear what Siener followers think of this particular prophesy.

  15. Emy vivier

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  16. david smith

    You guys are wasting time,when you should be prepping for your future, sort the problem out you have now, plan for tomorrow,stop wasting time with this history lesson most people know the score DeKLERK sold you out now stop wasting time,and plan your future..

  17. Debcee

    Sound quality is bad but press the cc tab and then you can read what he says, although some of the words are not recognised by utube, you can get a better understanding. God bless us all

  18. natasha kruger

    Scary the fact that all this has happen to date is maybe a wake up call to prevent the future distruction here 😢😢

  19. elaine swanepoel

    If we think about it there is another group of people that have been coming to our houses telling us about things that will happen at the end of this system of things…the only difference is they tell Bible prophecies that run same time as Sieners…wouldnt it be better to listen to Gods prophecies it could mean life…I for one am going to invite them in next time..that is if I dont look for them first….your choice…..strongs.

  20. Martin A

    Cape Town is already blacker than black. There never use to be townships of any major size there, now, they stretch into the distance and coloured people are also losing their jobs…..whites as well. I have coloured friends who cannot get a simple job- when they ask why, they are told- "because you did not vote for the ANC now you will be punished".

  21. Kitty Kat

    The antifa are communists? 😂 Good grief! You have a traitor in the WH who is selling out to a sentimental communist megalomaniac. There lies your culprit. Not some renegade group of people fighting a bunch of racists that we haven't heard from in a while. Seriously, it's never a good time to repeat right wing American propaganda.

  22. Ilan David Lustig

    If the USA burns, every Trident submarine, Aircraft Carrier and nuclear capable jet at her disposal will unleash the end of China, Russia and the Middle East about 15 minutes later!
    Let's hope Siener was wrong and civilisation does not end!

  23. Aquarius1011

    Apparently one of his predictions, for what is still to come, is the return of a white government in South Africa.

  24. Brad

    why does nobody ever give Rensburg first or second hand quotes in videos and articles? just claiming he predicted this or that without allowing the viewer to decide if what he said has been distorted to match the outcomes of the future. often seers use ambiguous language so there is always conjecture involved, with that being said videos of this nature should never obfuscate the source quotes/material. still an interesting video however

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