Last week the SABC Current Affairs programme, Fokus, went to Blythedale Beach on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast in search of the bodies of the missing victims of the convicted pedophile Gert van Rooyen. Fokus was accompanied by the police and members of the KwaZulu-Natal heritage organisation Amafa. They did the excavation. A 15 month investigation by Fokus indicated that the children could be buried under a storm water pipe on the beach.
Nothing was found, however, only 5 metres of a pipe that is about 30 metres long, was dug up. In the studio we have the Executive Producer or Fokus, Alet van Rensburg Wright, but, before we speak to her, here is a bit of background to explain who Gert van Rooyen was.

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  1. Jan Taljaard

    Gert van Rooyen was a satanist who rented these children to high ranking National party officials As much as FIVE N.P. ministries was involved.

  2. tokkie Andrews

    We have so much girls disappearing now through human trafficking , it could even be these girls were sold and can still be alive in another country ,and that will put them at the age of ± 42 yrs old ,unfortunately the only information died with Van Rooyen and Haaroff , maybe people that was involved with the incident of "Bird Island " could maybe give light on the girls disappearance.

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