Nicholas Fiorenza, Europe Editor of Jane’s Defence Weekly provides an insight into Rheinmetall Denel Munition’s firepower demonstration during Ammunition Capability Demonstration (ACD) 2019. The demonstration was held at Denel’s Overberg test range in South Africa in March 2019.

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  1. Siyabonga Zwane

    Now the anc is here there milking so hard that denel no longer produce state of the art weapons but wants to sell substandard to the world and the south african army dont have a budget to purchase those arms because politicians chow money and blame apartheid that some of us dont even know just to show that it's just a shield once you fuckup this days because we should be better if that was the case considering the number of years and that problems are only experienced under this leadership it's a total mess,the whole system is messed up


    Такое впечатление как будто у директора х** ворту застрял

  3. Military Heritage

    Nicholas, there is no Stalin Organ MRL. The one in the video is a domestically build Bateleur.

  4. Nene Sonicht

    Minister of Defense Lloyd Austin, the new best seller of Raytheon Technologies
    and Rheinmetall.

  5. Matthew Jordan Ferreira

    ya know..i thaught flash bangs where when they flash you, then they bang you..😎😎

  6. Joe Ferreira

    Next Time make sure of how to pronounce some the words…. I didn't even know what you was trying to describe .

  7. Gustav Husák

    Denel is dead… waste of money from rheinmetall. RSA goes to fuck … so no place for modern world company… they set a reverse on gearbox of country development. Thats enviroment wheres really hard to be a global player.

  8. K. Archer

    We designed the Multiple rocket launcher, its called a bateleur fv2 and its no comparison to the basic soviet stalins organ

  9. BushmanAOD

    Also, the Russian MLRS is 122mm – South African is 127mm with the added option of using adapted 122mm surplus Russian munitions in order to cut costs.

  10. BushmanAOD

    01:1601:26 is pure BS, just look at that MLRS (The SANDF Bateleur) does that look like something ''captured during the 1960's – 1980s Angolan War'' ???
    Janes has a good reuptation globally but this was a very lame error on their side and the fact that it passed through the editing stage to being posted online … and, almost a year later, not corrected? HAHA

  11. Truth Walker

    That Multiple Rocket Launcher is based on a Samil 100 Kwêvoël and named (called) a Bataleur. It is a South African design based on the Russian MLR systems captured during the Angolan Bush/Border war. To say it is old captures Russian MLR systems is inaccurate.

  12. Video Outtakes

    those soldiers firing those mortars didn't look exactly safe…luckily the tubes were pointed one way and not the other…not exactly stable…

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