In this video we look at the CD ripping function for Novafidelity streaming products.

For this demonstration we’re using the X45 Pro which is the flagship model, however the operating system is the same across the Novafidelity range so the process will be the same whichever model you’re using.

The first thing to cover before tackling the machine is metadata – which is important when creating a music database. Metadata holds all of the album, artist, artwork and track information to keep your database organised effectively.

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Product featured (X45 Pro):

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    Update for our users: freeDB metadata service support has now come to an end. Novafidelity recommend Gracenote as the primary option for automatically retrieving CD metadata ♪

  2. Michael Jones

    thanks for the great instructions.. I have been looking at the Cocktail Audio products for a few years but wanted to wait to see how reliable the products were. they are quite expensive so I would hope to get maybe 10 years out of whichever one I bought. I was wondering if it is difficult to set up? Do you need to know much about computers?
    If I record vinyl will I have to tell the X45 when each song ends? Can I record the whole vinyl album then split it into the separate songs afterwards? how long is the guarantee for?

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