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Hi there! Welcome to PHARMERS. The first and best pharmacy roundup channel for all things drugs, healthcare, DIYs/How-Tos, therapies & MORE. Stick around for facts and fun.

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In this video we look at basic tips needed to secure pharmacist internship posts in SA. Some are more obvious than others. If you’d like a part 2, Click on the link below! Its available.

There are a lot more to be discussed! Do you have any ones you can share in the comments?

How about community service? What has been your experience?

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This channel seeks to present product reviews, debunk health related fallacies, clarify misunderstandings and shift harmful/unsuspecting patient behaviors towards better confident health outcomes for all!
It also seeks to assist pharmacy students and professionals in their career journeys.

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  1. Jeremia Matlala

    But do they apply for pharmacy internships through icsp? 🤔Thought it was only used for commserve application, otherwise Great tips!!!!

  2. EsmyChannel K

    I filmed ‘how I got into school of pharmacy” on my channel🤣very dramatic, I’d also like to know how you got into school of pharmacy, 😄it’s only a video suggestion, hope you consider it🙏

  3. Jonathan T Chanyandura

    I'm definitely sharing this video with lot of prospective interns out there. Many a times people miss opportunities because of lack of guidance and preparations. I also like it that you mentioned about foreign nationals: who may need extra supporting documents or need to go through certain processes prior applications (and they are usually unaware of requirements until its too late)

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