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  1. Kevin McCormick

    I'm a UAW union member. The other day a coworker told me that his foreign national parents didn't retire back home because they're unable to collect a pension while living abroad. Can you speak to this? Have you had success with union members retiring abroad and still collecting a pension?

  2. asiaexpat62

    Your pronunciation of Pattaya is closer to correct than the crazy Brit PaaTai Yaa heard frequently on YouTube. Brits and Ozzies seem to not listen to Thais' speech and use their english transliteration (which is totally incorrect.) The article made a number of assumptions that lead to the conclusion and must be considered. Retirement anywhere is a very individual thing and the costs will vary widely. Ones health is not factored and is a major issue for retired in Thailand.

  3. Sidecar 771

    Cologne, Brussels and Rome are not called by these names by the natives of these cities. The English speaking tongue does not manage the pronunciation of every language perfectly. Quel surprise.

  4. Frank Cherry

    Who ever wrote that study has never lived in the west. I have my 800k plus my 50kB a month and i live like a king. Shopping at Rimping, eating at Dukes all the time. Chiang Mai

  5. Clifford

    I disagree with you on pensions being typical/normal. Not these days in my opinion in the US. Pensions are pretty much a thing of the past for the private sector. Sure, military and govt careers but that's about it anymore. You must save your own money for retirement and hopefully have a good paying and long career so that your social security check will be reasonable in size. And you'll want to delay taking social security to maximize benefits. No, not everyone can, but best approach for many.

  6. Patrick Kealy

    You can get dodgy and use a discreet agent in Pattaya who will get you that Non Immigrant O-A Visa without having to provide proof of funds. I did it last year and it set me back 29k baht but well worth it. I used to just get a Non Immigrant O Multi and take the necessary trips to Phnom Penh or Saigon and never worried about bank statements or health insurance policies.

  7. Jon H.

    The cash/income requirements for the visa really aren't complicated. It only becomes complicated when people who can't meet the requirements try to weasle their way around them.
    As far as how much money one needs to create a retirement income for themselves, that's a whole different matter.
    Where you live, what you eat, how often you eat out, hobbies (like golf or travel), are you a drinker, how many people are you supporting, your health, your age you retire, etc. all have an effect on how much you will spend each month, and therefore need to have saved up to cover those expenses.
    This is what he touched on. The article he's quoting ,saying there is a certain number is what everyone needs is just silly. There are way too many variables to say this number generally fits all.

  8. Jay Cross

    I’ve been collecting information about retirement in several Asian countries chief among them Thailand. Without owning a vehicle but including international health insurance for a person over age 65 my number is consistently between $1500-1900 a month depending on which city, and quality of rental unit. Would love other opinions and examples.

  9. WorldTravels

    I just don’t agree with this at all. As a financial advisor, this imputes a monthly income of conservatively around $1,000 per month and aggressively around $1,600. Maybe if you go move to northern Thailand, but in the cities this would be a far cry standard of living considering the median income of most states. I would urge people to have at a minimum of $2,000 per month which would require conservatively 700,000 or around 500,000 aggressively. This considers drawing on it for 50 years.

  10. lorcis1

    all that information surely means nothing without telling us how long that money is expected to last, they should have at least told us how much per year and i can only imagine that it related to just one person the number, $400,00o without a time frame means nothing.

  11. Don Freeman

    What makes you think Thailand wants or welcomes westerners to retire or live there. I only see evidence to support the opposite. It's cruel to direct retirees to somewhere they will be treated so poorly.

  12. Scott Thompson

    After a ton of research, $600,000 USD (INCLUDING 401K) is my retirement number.
    This will allow me to retire at 56 years of age on $40,000/yr until 62; then get Social Security and supplement S.S. to maintain that same $40k standard into my late 70s.

  13. Beverly Weber

    Living a western livestyle = two nice new cars, 5 bedroom McMansion, steak dinner at least once per week and mostly Western food throughout your week as well.

    Americans and their love of "stuff" mean they have to have a McMansion in order to keep their "stuff" and must tote it around with them forever.

    Once you learn to let go of most of it, forgo the fancy new cars, and the house to store them, the price tag drops immensely.

  14. David H

    I agree the article comes across as rather hand-wavy re financial requirements and lifestyle. You have to suss those things out for yourself, and it isn't made easier by just tossing out $390k as the answer. Here's a quick and dirty way to estimate what that number means:

    Compound interest tables, 4%, 25 years (i.e., age 65 to 90), A/P column reads 0.0640. That times 390k yields about $25k/year. Now ask yourself, can I live the lifestyle I want to, in Thailand, on $2000/month? If yes, then that 390k number is right. If not you can noodle around in the tables to find out what numbers you really need for yourself. I won't go into details (surely there's some uTuber out there who's done a painfully boring series on compound interest tables already) but you can game out whatever scenarios you like, including working backwards from desired annual income to what lump sum do you need up front. Hint: it's the opposite of the A/P column used above, the P/A column. I'd bet folding money that's what the article authors did.

  15. Andy Finley

    On the other side of the coin i dont spend more than 25,,000 baht a month, im married rent a house up in korat 3,500 a month , eat out 3/4 times a week thai, western food cooked by myself , it all depends what kind of lifestyle you want. Pattaya will destroy you if you havent got your finances right, especially if your there for the smiling assassins.

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