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MISSING CHILD: #HarmonyMontgomery hasn’t been seen since 2019 when she was 5-years-old. Blair Miller adopted Harmony’s biological brother. Miller said hoped to adopt Harmony too but was told by the Dept. of Children and Families that she had reunited with her dad.


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  1. Adrienne M

    Start pulling out the nails guys!! Forget children's unprotective services… It does not matter why and what now. What matters is water board those pieces of shite to find the where. Govna Patrick let those pieces of shite who killed Jeremiah Olivier, nice and warm in jail, while that lil man sat in a suitcase under the snow for an extra 4 months, Til the snow melted thankfully. So don't let them do that here please

  2. Star Dust

    On Jan 12, 2022, Ashley Wilcot did a segment on this and had some BLM lawyer on her panel and that lawyer really pissed me off by claiming that missing children is only prevelent in the black community. Judge Ashley who portends she is a child advocate just let that racist comment slide. What has happened at Court Tv that you keep letting these people dismiss anyone who isn't black. This kind of racist behavior on the part of their (Panel) is getting ridiculous. To that lawyer-shame on you. Children of all races are missing, exploited and murdered and the color of the child skin has nothing to do with it. Sorry- But bad stuff happens to all races and it's about dam time to stop acting like no one else in the world has had the same kinds of unfair treatment, including slavery, except black people. These people are just pathetic. As soon as someone claims everything is racist- I tune them out.

  3. nsksisjsbssn

    I love how God is bringing the evil corruption that's in our legal system to light I pray that after all of these children have fallen through the cracks things start changing for the good for the better let's get rid of the corruption and put in good Godly workers

  4. Nicole Lori

    If harmony‘s mother cared as much as she said in her little interviews or whatever saying she tried for years calling schools and all this I would’ve drove to each place myself to physically say something to their face I mean two years too late honey! She might not of failed her in her death but she definitely failed her as her mother. You have one job as a parent enough to protect your children if you can’t do that you need to make sure somebody else can ! I wanna know what dumb ass judge gave this loser a child to raise. U can tell just by looking at him he’s a mess 😣💔 everyone failed this baby girl !! They ALL did !

  5. K W

    The child services, police, courts etc all failed big time. Her natural mother was going round in circles to raise the alarm. Those people paid to help dropped the ball. Pooor child.

  6. Diana Newton

    The father should never be let out until he can produce this beautiful child just like Lori Vallow/Daybell was held but unfortunately that was a horrific outcome for her kids.

  7. Michelle Kobiska

    This is such a very sad story hope and pray this little girl is found safe and sound I believe the d.h.s or d.c.f whatever family children service's there is in that state failed to protect this child not to mention the father makes me so sick then you got the step mom

  8. therealz 360z

    The bio mom said his bio mom might know something and does he have any friends? Somebody needs to tell anything they might think will help narrow down a time line even the stepmother might have said something when she was made at the bio dad, I'd track down all her family members too.

  9. kelly higgins

    Why wasn't Harmony left in foster care with her brother? They usually try to keep siblings together. So sad the brother is lucky to have a loving home and two parents who now love him unconditionally! Blessings to all. Hey , what's going on with the Summer Wells case ?

  10. kelly higgins

    These mothers who are left without there children because the system wasn't keeping a eye on the caregivers should be bringing the system to court hold them accountable as well. The father not speaking because he knows he will do less time if any by saying nothing . Our justice department is broken too . Bless that baby we know shes gone .Brakes my heart .Where were the family members grandparents? Ripple effect born on welfare continues the welfare train .

  11. kelly higgins

    Welfare needs to change start making these welfare mothers go to work at least part time . I do believe welfare should just give hand outs without the people applying trying to help themselves as well be it going to school get some training or work along with drug testing period. Reason why this isn't being done because welfare doesn't want to care for these benefit babies period . I call it as I see it benefit babies. I'm tired of these babies , children being murder it's out of control we need change and harder punishment.

  12. a and b

    You want to know how this happens?
    It happens with idiots whom have authority are involved as the end all be all, when they are not EVER held ACCOUNTABLE for their incompetence. When the governments never have to have responsibility for their actions.
    When our authority is all heavily involved in human trafficking and s-e-x child rings. 🙄. That's the issue. They don't do what's right for these children. They are In the business of doing business to put these children at risk and easier access to eachother.
    The judge that granted custody to the father…. should be arrested for child endangerment. Didn't do their due diligence to make sure that was the right move.
    The cps workers involved in this case should be arrested. Especially the one who is personal friends with the father.
    The whole system is rigged and totally not about helping kids and keeping them safe. 😤.
    Public justice sounds like the next step.

  13. jody day

    Thank goodness for the Dads who adopted Harmony’s little brother he is safe and loved, I so wish Harmony had that opportunity poor little girl she suffered by a druggie sperm donor and his druggie gf I’m praying for little Harmony that she is found soon either way 🙁

  14. MashaT22

    I’m so glad to see this segment. I’ve been wondering what happened to Harmony’s brother. I’m so glad he’s in a wonderful home and that his biological mom has a relationship with him. It’s just heartbreaking (and still heartwarming) that he remembers his sister and regularly asks about her. I wonder how that question gets answered, though. His dad says they haven’t told him the truth as of late, but it’s possible he may hear it from other kids at school or even see his sister’s face plastered on a TV for a split second. They should thinking about how they’ll answer him if he hears the truth from someone/somewhere else. Hopefully they can shield him from that.

  15. Julie Convery

    What’s DCF’s excuse ? They better not say they had no place to place her and that’s why she had to go to the dad. Because she could of went with her brother. Someone needs to lose their job

  16. shane smith

    So many people would've took that little girl and raised kill your kid is mind boggling..the father could've left her anywhere but to kill her is pure evil. So sad!!

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