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Judaics and Christians encountered historic events in the 2nd Century AD that catapulted them into Babylon, even though most people today are unaware of that situation.

Military and police organizations use the term: “situational awareness”. That simply means being aware of the entire situation so you can act accordingly to stay alive and even win in a conflict. Not knowing what is really happening can be deadly.

Bible Believers are engaged in a spiritual battle that spans many centuries. The situation we find ourselves in today was set up by events that happened long before we were even born. Knowing the facts about those historical events that impact our place in time gives us “historical situational awareness” – which is vital for us in these last days.

A case in point is this presentation, “Into Babylon.” This focuses on events of the second Century AD in the Roman Empire. These events were formative to both Judaism and Christianity as we know them. These events were momentous for both Judaics and Christians of that era, and for Messianics as well.

How does this effect us? Simple. These events actually launched both Judaism and Christianity into captivity to Babylon the Great, which captivity continues for millions. You may be such a captive and not even know it. If you are not among the captives then it is likely that a lot of people you care about are captives to Babylon.

All righteous people need to understand this situation today, because Scripture warns us about Babylon the Great;

“Come out of her, my people, that you have no participation in her sins, and that you don’t receive of her plagues, for her sins have reached to the sky, and God has remembered her iniquities.” Rev 18:4, 5

We need to know how God’s people entered into Babylon to heed the Divine warning to get out, and to help others do the same! That’s why knowledge of these events is so vital.

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  1. Jblue Null

    Powerful teaching! I know Messianic believers do not want to hear this teaching because it will mean unlearning the christian and rabbinic aspects of their faith. I believe that IF we confess to others that we are "bible believers" then we must walk as ABBA and Y'SHUA have taught us to walk – by THEIR word by faith. Now the question would be ….which faith? Well, in my humble opinion, this video will help you with that decision and many others.
    Praise YHWH for giving us men who will speak HIS word – even if unpopular – and reveal YHWH as HE is – not what we have "decided" HE should be – in other words, dropping the graven image we worship and follow I AM that I AM…can you accept, love and follow HIM as HE truly is? Can you accept, love and follow HIS Ways?

  2. Remnant teen

    Wow what a lot to think about. This is information believers need to listen to and consider. No matter how much people don't want to hear this, the truth will set us free. It is great that this truth is coming out. Thank you Messiah for revealing your truth to us in these last days. Shalom

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