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ABC Plan: Automatic Boost to Communities

$2000 up front then $1000 a month

Payment would be made on a BOOST debit card

Needs a more specific end date. Currently end 1 year AFTER COVID-19 Pandemic

Fraud – Risk of cards being stolen/abused

Needs Whole new system for PIN numbers, accessing money etc…

Payments for ANY bills

Free Rent and Mortgage:

Renters and homeowners who made payments during April 2020 would be reimbursed for their payments. Labor department would have a fund for landlords and mortgage holders to be reimbursed. There would also be additional funds to create additional, affordable housing.

I think the intentions here are pure. Housing is expensive and people need help.

However it’s a Logistical nightmare

Many People who don’t have their names on leases or have a verbal agreement for rent and this wouldn’t help them

Rent isn’t always the issue. Someone may have cheap rent but are drowning in a car payment

Bottom line it’s too complicated, usually the most simple answer is the best one.

$2000 a Month Stimulus:

Monthly cash payments that would continue until the employment to population ratio for people ages 16 and older is greater than 60%. The employment to population ratio is the number of
working age people currently employed divided by the number of total working age people.

Specific deadline I like that

The monthly cash payments would not count as income and would not be taxable

Earning more from these programs will not disqualify you from other programs.

Very inclusive, most people will receive payment.

Very expensive. If 200 million people are eligible this would cost $400 billion per month. If it only lasted 6 months that would be 2.4 trillion dollars.

Would be a payment to be used on anything

Patriot Pay:

Additional $12/hr through May, June, and July for a total payment of $1920 per month.

One quarter of the pay would be paid by the employer and 3 quarters would be paid through a refundable tax credit.

Good intentions to help out those who are working

However employers have to foot the bill up front and Wages could easily be 50%-80% higher even if it will be later refunded. Cash flows are already so low for most businesses so this could cause a lot of problems.

It is opt-in so businesses would be able to choose whether they could afford it but most wouldn’t

And it’s good that payments can be used for ANY bills

Employer Tax Credit Idea:

President Trump is a big fan of cutting employer and employee taxes as a form of stimulus leaving additional money to spend elsewhere.
Payroll taxes include:
Social Security, which takes out 6.2% of your income up to $132,900,
and Medicare, which takes out 1.45% of your income. (Married couples filing jointly who make $250,000 or more, and people who make over $200,000, pay an additional 0.9%.)

Employers also pay payroll taxes:
They pay 6.2% of your income, so the government gets 12.4% of your total income, and they pay 1.45% of your income toward Medicare as well.
So employers and employees would retain around $75 each for every $1000 paid out or earned. Which means the average worker would get a “stimulus” of around $280 a month.

I like this because it’s simple and no additional systems would be needed

Not quite enough funds in my opinion. I’d personally rather see another one time payment over this

This also does nothing to help out those who are unemployed

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applicable laws. You should consult your professional advisers regarding your individual situation. Max Maher undertakes no obligation to update the information in this presentation, and no representations are made that
the content is error-free.

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  1. Max Maher

    If you enjoyed this video & feel I deserve it please consider ever so gently tapping that subscribe button

  2. 3131krysis

    I agree the $2000 a month would be ideal though very expensive. I do feel it would help out the economy the most but i also feel like they will never approve putting the country in that much debt. However if they split that in half and reopened business so people could start working again while receiving $1000 a month it would still take the sting out of the crisis… Just my opinion…

  3. Jenny Avery

    They can't even get the first stimulus payment out to everyone. No way would I want to go through a wait like this again for a check. But I do hope they help us somehow that benefits all of us.

  4. Daniel Drivon

    I like the $2000.00 mo 6mo's to 1 yr The goverment will get a large amt back going into the system over time.

  5. Mark McFrederick

    I like the $1,000 per month per person for everyone who has an adjusted net income of less than $100,000 per year for the foreseeable future. Basically Mr. Yang's idea. Income and sales taxes will be collected which will put some money back in the coffers. And, we really need to get public works/infrastructure projects going. That would make enough jobs to put almost everyone who wants a job to have one.

  6. Pug Mug Designs

    Instead of the 2k per month, maybe just 1k per month and congress votes every three months to either stop it or to continue it. Depending on the current situation at the time. Simple, Easy and Done. 🙂

  7. Terri Lloyd

    Max, thank you for all the invaluable information on the stimulus check timetable. It helped me with all the stress and was easy to follow. God Bless

  8. George Burdine

    This shit is fine and dandy to listen to, but the fact of the matter is,read comments on many sites like this and you will begin to see a pattern. Now that pattern is this, pay up suckers,a person like this should be smart enough to know that talking about a second stimulus is jumping the fucking gun. What about the huge amount of people that haven't received anything yet. I'm a SSDI recipient and use the direct express card, now according to the IRS, they were to coordinate with the SSA and pay people accordingly. My pay date has come and gone. In early May,the next income bracket is to be paid. Seriously look at comments on these kind of blowhard sites. Something is amiss. There's no empathy,a true stimulus for an economic crisis brought on by a global pandemic in which the government can tell you to stay home and not go to work is not stimulus package at all, it's something else.

  9. marlene

    It should take us through Christmas which will cause a quantum leap in the economy because bills would be paid and small businesses still struggling will have the customers it needs. Too little, too late or too soon to stop will not work.

  10. Mercedes Adler

    I think the best way to solve this issue is to give everyone a one time check for 1 million Dollars…you talk about stimulating the economy…Holy shit will it ever…all these new cars people would want…that would keep people working at the car plant…buying dream Holmes that would keep construction company's busy all year long meaning there will never be a season without work…airlines would keep moving forward delivering people to there dream vacation…hotels would always be busy for the travelers…clothing company's would be at an all time high in production…grocery stores would always be busy…the end is endless…people would start there own eventions would be coming out..people would less likely commit crimes cause they have a million dollars to do as they please…that is my way of jump starting a new America…but most important of all having homeless people will be at a all time low…80 percent will be off the street…and that's a good thing…and the government will get back what ever is left over when we die…so let's say you spent 500 thousand of that money…and all of a sudden you die…the government will get that back… there's no need to provide for your loved ones when u kick the bucket because they also have there check for a million…and if someone is still alive after they spent every cent of that million…no big deal there will be more then enough jobs to get…and you'll never have to worry about loosing a job cause if u do… there's so much more jobs that will hire u..

  11. Michael Kirby

    What are you crazy millions will not qualify for this look at over 30 million unimpolment sky high !!!!!! And you got to work a 100 hours week very few has a job now !!!!!!!

  12. Princess Annabelle

    I found a way to fix my medical insurance a roomate of mine helped me out. Credit is very important so I had to budget slowly but now my credit score will go up and I can go back to focusing on paying off my school loans and other bills i need to address. It requires patience but it can be done and the stimulus was helpful too i hope they issue another one to every one. Videos like these are helping creditors negotiate with me more now..

  13. Robin Sk

    Minting 2 "one trillion dollar coins" is the epitome of a government gone mad. All of this funny money established (created) by the Central Bank, perhaps more commonly known as the Criminal Reserve Bank, has an end date. We are nearing that end date, and everyone is on the boat. They, on the other hand, are all under water, holding their collective breath, and now it's time to surface. Consider this: Can you imagine having every single item in your house as a borrowed item, and one day every individual owner shows up to claim what is theirs? Where does that leave you? Can you imagine your current 401K at….say….$600,000, and then a year or two from now, it's one fifth of that? Do you know what happens to the innocent (that's you and I folks) when the criminals finally say "it's show time? Do you know how close it is to show time? Having said that, I speak from the heart when I say "if you don't hold it, you don't own it."

  14. Property 1 Vegas LLC m

    I can almost guarantee there will be no more stimulus… They will go back-and-forth bickering and fighting until the economy reopens And that will be the end of it..

  15. Jesse Amaya

    More changers you need to have a SS card. You can’t give it to everybody you need to be a America’ citizen or resident

  16. Jesse Amaya

    More changes if you get unployment & you get the $600 a week you shouldn’t get $2000 & the s1000 a month for a year your already getting $2400. A month already

  17. Jesse Amaya

    I like the $2000 the first month then $1000 for a year. But I would change it this part you need to be 18 yrs. & if your younger u get $500

  18. Laurence My

    Thanks for providing the details.

    (PHASE 1: Pandemic hits. We locked down and implement safety guidelines to slow down spread of virus.

    Objective: The stimulus will assist in keeping the great economy running as it was.

    The stimulus will be executed at monthly basis, up to 6 months.

    1.) $250 to 18y/o or older. For food, some expenses.

    2.) $500 to registered small businesses, freelancers. They spent and may be just going thru the losses phase. Additional $500 per $10k increment based on 2019 or 2018 tax returns. This can help cover systems in place.

    3.) $1000 for employed people based on 2019 or 2018 tax returns. Additional $500 per dependent. To help pay for rent, food etc.

    4.) $500 to SSN, etc.,VA receiving disability less than $1000 per month and are not dependents. To help pay for rent, food etc.

    A program have to be created for rental property owners to support limited stimulus in regions with higher cost of living rates. The program should not be limited to only one property.

    Stimulus proposal doesn't include programs for business loans, extended UI for small business owners/freelancers, or paycheck protection. Existing EIDL should NOT be providing a universal amount of $10k to all businesses.

  19. patty leahy

    Even if the President, and all the others entities that could make this happen, I feel the $2000 per month for 6 months would be great for us that make less then $50,000 per year and are a seasonal worker, yes I live in NYS and I own my own business and is an outside business, mother nature has a lot to do with that income but if N.Y. puts all these "safety" measures on us that cost money before you can open up and the shortage of supplies, food and cleaning, are not available, nope, not going to happen for me and this was going to be my 40th year in business! Totally sucks! So just give us people 6 months of that amount and pray next year to be better!

  20. Michael Wilcox

    I'm leaning on the $2000 a month every month cause it would be fair for more Americans and the people would be able to help the economy get strong again and get back on track by spending the money in the economy. Which in return more people would be needed to go back to work.

  21. Jessica Colvin

    I wonder when they will make a decision on this. I know so many people who are in pretty bad shape. A friend of a friend was contemplating suicide lastnight due to not being able to provide for his family. People are starting to fall apart mentally. Something needs to happen. Its getting bad out here.

  22. Danielle Donohue

    I know I'm late with this particular topic. I have a now 18 years old as of January handicap daughter she was 17 in 2019 she was not claimed on anybody's income tax will her money come automatically on her Direct Express Card. Please could you shed some light on this for me I've been watching your post during this whole stimulus stuff became so confusing the its need to send you a check for answering pols questions since there lines are close. Please please reply I'm going crazy🙃😳😵

  23. JAGMAN

    For those of you who had your check sent to an old account here’s some helpful info. Mine was deposited into an old cash app account on 4/15. I didn’t have access to that account anymore but I just happen to make a new cash app account a few months ago. I provided them with information of my old account and they merged the old with the new. And BAM!! Woke up this morning to 2,400 in my account. Hope this helps some people. 👍😀. I’m writing this because for the past month I could find no information on this scenario. Now to pay some bills!!

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