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  1. Choose Life

    Why is Angus Buchan's networth R25 Million?? That is a lot of money for a man who preaches the Gospel. Jesus preached the Gospel and was one of the poorest people in the bible. Angus charges R280 for some of his shows with crowds of 100 000 people turning up for his events. That's R28 million

  2. Donna Franks - Old Path

    The goodness of God, our Saviour makes or I should say is The Way.
    Thank you servants for laboring for our Master.

  3. Christi de Chattilon

    Gaan bly saam met die springkaan plaag wat oor ons uit gegiet is en bid maar vir hulle. Die wit Boere wat die meerderheid is by jou konferensies en hierdie bid dag is nie vir jou belangrik nie. Jy bid vir en ag die varke wat die land vernietig en nog altyd die probleem is. Jy hoort nie onder ons nasie nie. Gaan bid vir jou vriende en los ons mense uit. Jy is buitendien ń vals profeet. Pasop wit Afrikaner dat jy nie so desperaat is vir hoop dat jy enige ding glo wat lyk of dit hoop bied nie. Pasop dat jy nie net jou ore wil laat streel nie.

  4. Default Green

    this doesn't make sense… god asks you to get people together to ask him stuff… so therefore he sees the problem but will only do something once masses of people come together and ask him to fix the things he already know is wrong? the argument does not make sense… im sorry… why not just say… pray at home 22 april at 19:00… same thing

  5. Heleen van den Brink

    Super excited to see how God will move after this event!! Also thanking God that we could be part of this movement in prayer in our own little get together praying from the Netherlands!

  6. Karaoke King

    This is maybe not the time or place to talk about the the small problem I have with Angus, but today I will say it and make peace with you, Mr Buchan. You said something in this video that triggered the subject I want to raise and get off my chest. Here it goes… I had a Christian Newspaper for about eight years and followed all your meetings. I have advertised your mighty men conferences, books and DVD's in countless editions of The Christ News Christian Newspaper for free. I even got a contract with CUM Books, where all your stuff was on sale. I have distributed my newspaper in every Christian Book store across Natal for eight years. Your secretary sent me a lot of advertising material and advertised for you for free. After eight years of hard work I could no longer print my newspaper due to the sudden increase of printing paper and Caxton newspaper made it almost impossible for me to afford the printing of my publication. I could never speak to you on the phone, you were too busy. The person who answered your phone was always rude to me. You never paid a single sent for advertising in my newspaper. And the thing that hurts me so much that you said in this video: You know how to advertise… If you had just paid for a quarter of advertising in my newspaper, I could have saved my publication. I'm not expecting you to reply to my letter, because you might be too busy… God bless!

  7. Ivan Joe

    there is power in the name of Jesus.We have to believe.Oom Angus,no weapon formed against us can prosper.My redeemer lives.

  8. Theo Schütz

    oom moet vir mense leer dat die Lam is die Almagtige God. Jesaja 9. Die God wat ons aanbid het n Naam…dis die Helder More Ster…Jesus. Ongelukkig kan ek my nie skaar met barbare nie. Ons moet nie hulle probeer gelykmaak nie. Kyk na Nigerië die meeste kerke ooit..en die skelmste plek ooit. Hulle glo aan Christus soos juju.

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