This video shows how to change the language in Microsoft Word 2016

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  1. mr carroll

    One more point. Make sure that both Choose Editing Languages and Choose Display and Help Language are both set to Default within Set the Office Language Preferences for the desired language that you are editing. Good luck.

  2. mr carroll

    This was so helpful. Despite my keyboard being defaulted to English for Language Preference and having Spanish as an additional language, a likely inadvertent key stroke had my editing function in Spanish. This tutorial quickly referred me to the Review function on the task bar and showed me where to change the Language. And sure enough, there was Spanish as the proofing language. A quick clic and voila back to English for proofing. Thank you Techddictive

  3. Georges Ataya

    Useless video. I still have the same problem. Each word I add to the document is set to English in spite all the language options I do define as you mention (it spell check in French but any new text I type is set to English).

  4. Ella Piec

    It's not actually 'vous recontrer' it's 'vous recontrez' sorry my canadian french immersion self could not help it haha

  5. d̤̈ä̤n̤̈ï̤ë̤l̤̈ï̤t̤ö̤ ë̤l̤̈ t̤r̤̈ä̤v̤̈ï̤ë̤s̤̈ï̤t̤ö

    Omg you saved me!! This whole time I have been typing in Spanish without the spelling check and it wouldn't check for any of my mistakes, now it checks it, you've saved me 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  6. Nelly

    I want to know how to have autocorrect in French while I type, just like on an iPhone. You type and it autocorrect right away. And it is easy to change from French to English on same message

  7. Christian Vagtborg

    When I set the language as default, it doesn't stay in the changed language, because after I write a few words it naturally goes back to Danish. Does anyone know how to fix this problem, without having to select the whole text each time I write something new?

  8. Daniel

    coool this is french I speak franch but rencontrer is rencontrez so ez at the end because the word before it is vous.

  9. Ferradar

    And how do you put one part in one language and another part of the text in other languague, for example one part in english and the other in spanish

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