How To Change The Spell Check Language In Word 2016. This quick and easy tutorial will show you how to change the proofing language in word 2016. Drop a LIKE and nice little COMMENT if this helped! 🙂
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In the Language dialog box or the Proofing Language pane, scroll to the language you want to use and look for the Check Spelling & Grammar icon in front of the language.


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    I did as you suggested even set default but language keeps going back to Swiss French when I want Italian. Please help

  2. Grazina Ajana Szewczyk

    Thank a lot, mine was choosing Polish when I was writing in English and I tried to use Option with no luck. Your solution is so simple, and it works.

  3. Lucy

    Thank youuuuuu! Word was driving me crazy for a second. Why is it Z for American English and S for United Kingdom English. Honestly, does my head in but thank youuuu.

  4. Michelle Mak

    Thank you! I had been changing the language in the options>Language>Choose Editing Languages>English (Australian) but I was still getting the frustrating US "incorrect spelling" warnings. Your video solved my issues. Obviously reading the other comments, I think you may need to change both settings to get this fix to "stick". Thank you, it worked for me!

  5. Gabrielle Baalke

    You saved me from having to throw my computer out the window. Both window and computer are grateful! (As am I).

  6. Jeff Schwisow

    No, it didn't help. As others have said, Word has decided to add English US to my proofing languages and setting the default to English Australia doesn't stop if from auto-correcting to US spellings or ensure that US spellings are identified as misspellings.

  7. Bogdan Comiati

    You need to Set Proofing Language in the "normal.dotm" template in the Office instalation folder. Open the template file by right-clicking on it and then selecting "open" from the meniu(in windows). And it will only work with newly created documents.

  8. Bronwyn O'Brien

    I followed the instructions and the document is still in US English and is not finding the different spellings for Australian English. eg customise, not customize…

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