Set Word 2007 spell check with grammar & style and custom dictionary

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  1. UncompressedWAVmusic

    Wow, you are a life saver. Searched google and youtube and no help. However your video is a game changer. 5 Stars for your video. Thanks a million.

  2. Kirk T

    My spell-check works with only one or two of my documents.  The dozens of others I have on my computer, spell-check WILL NOT WORK.

    It's been driving me nuts for years now.  I think it has something to do with languages.  (I dimly recall calling MS on the phone when I bought Word.  Only through a phone conversation was I able to fix the problem.)

    I guess I could call them again, but I shouldn't have to spend money to fix the problem.


  3. twilocity

    @sam9353 If you open a document you saved before you changed the settings in the video, the new settings will not apply, but if you open a new document and intentionally misspell a word and the red line does not appear, one or more settings might not be set correctly–for either an old or new doc, try this: Select the entire text CTRL-A, go to the Review tab>Proofing>Set Language> Find your language> uncheck do not check spelling>check detect language> and click on default>Yes -let us know

  4. Bob Stannard

    @Hifp975 because their are many options for language checking, my suggestion is to open word and select the ? icon and search for "language". You can set Word to automatically switch between English and Swedish based on the text or you can manually change the selection to Swedish. I hope that helps

  5. Mer Vin

    @iScavo go to 'Control Panel'.. then open 'add or remove programs',,
    and click the microsot office.. then click change..
    then click "add or remove features"… then continue..
    click the + sign in the 'office shared features'..
    then click the 'proofing tools'
    choose 'Run from my computer'..
    …. 🙂

  6. twilocity

    @o2sierra04 Be sure to watch the video; however, go to Word options>>proofing and make sure that the [check spelling as you type] box is checked. Once you have all of the proper boxes checked, click on the [check document ]button. If there are spelling errors, you should see the read wavy lines. You can also intentionally misspell a word.

  7. twilocity

    @DieHardFlyers The only way that I know to make the red (spelling) or green (grammar) lines disappear is to check the [hide the spelling errors] and check the [hide the grammar errors]; however, you want to uncheck the boxes next to both of these items. The other reason that you are not seeing any of the underlining is that there are no spelling or grammar errors in the document. You can go to twilocity and request a free review of your writing. That way, I can see if there are problems.

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