In this video, I’ll be giving you guys all the tips and tricks on how to pass matric and get distinctions in all of your subjects. I will also be giving a few study tips in this video but if you want a more in-depth video on study tips then comment down below!

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  1. dumazile ndlovu

    Yeah want to get a bursary🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇 God please be with me in this journey tanks for your boosting 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  2. Sizakhele Ishmael Makhasi

    •|| Thanks Dude… Well i am a high performer and I like to aim high too so Thanks We really need this kinda Stuffs ||•

  3. Khwezi Mwandla

    I'm doing Grade 11 this year and you just encouraged me to study hard😊💯 Wow Thank you for the motivation🙌🏾🙏🏽 I'm inspired

  4. Maredi S0LLY

    I think also it does depend on school you went to, I did my matric at rural village we have no good teachers there of course there are some good teachers also. I remember in my matric the physical science teacher for paper 1 taught us from January to march and left us for the rest of the year, imagine doing self study for physical science paper 1 with books only ,with no access to internet or YouTube for help. the rural schools have no computers and internet and most rural school teachers are lazy not all of them, that why only few learners can make it to university not because the other learners are dumb is just the environment, if you take them to model c school 90% of them can make it to university. So me what I did I made friends with other rural schools learners , so Saturday we were cross knighting at local school studying because alone is hard plus with no internet . Today I am glad I have degree in BSC(computer science and Informatics) from university of Johannesburg . I also want to help rural learners like yourself you helping others.

  5. DJ Danzo 206

    Hi I'm new here enjoyed the video⚡🙏🏿

    It really is difficult to balance and study 😥

    "15" minutes of music production or sports or any activity extends to the whole day

    I just can't control it🤣😭😭😭

  6. Prudence Mofokeng

    I’m 30 years old thinking of rewriting my matric, very informative video 🙂… wishing all the best with everything.

  7. Tumelo Mokoena

    Btw I took I.T cause of you😹😅 I want to study computer science so I'm getting a feel for coding/ programming

  8. Śedi 0319

    Being in matric in 2021 was sorta making me seriously anxious straight after feeling relief, so this kinda helped calm my anxiety

  9. Nomsa Mafumo

    I will be doing my matric this year and i'm already stressing about it. Since you mentioned studying, taking notes and revising past pappers… i really don't know when should be the right time to start doing past pappers and how to apply the same thing on every subject. PLEASE HELP!😢

  10. Evloghmenos xxx

    That class thing is really true , grade 10 I slept 70% and talked 20% and my marks were shit … grade 11 I payed lots of attention and done well 😂

  11. Ashar Ruiters

    Thank you so much for the word of advice I'm so glad I'm grade 10 now so that I know I can give grade 11 and matric my all ❤️

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