We bite on the temptation of the moment. Our minds, our bodies and our hearts get carried away and cast our Micro-cosmos into chaos. We call this state identification, because it is characterized by a misplaced sense of identity, by mistakenly calling the impulse of the moment “I.” But the way down is the same as the way back up, and it is the same three brains the Mind, the Body and the Heart that are the means by which order in the can be restored Micro-cosmos. In this tutorial we will experiment with reversing the fall into identification. We will return to the Basilica of San Marco in Venice and examine a lesser-known episode from the Genesis creation that is instrumental in this process, that of Adam naming the animals. And we will set an exercise to name the temptation of the moment, throughout as many moments of our day as possible, separating our Mind from identification, through naming.

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  1. samira esmaili

    I became interested in your channel a few months ago and watched some videos but I never did the practices. I've recently started doing the practices and I've found them really useful. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge with us 🙏

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