With : The Hon. Tomomi Inada
Chairperson, Policy Research Council, Liberal Democratic Party of Japan

Moderated by :

Michael J. Green
Senior Vice President for Asia and Japan Chair, CSIS

Mrs. Tomomi Inada is Chairperson of the Policy Research Council of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. Appointed to the post in 2014, she is widely considered a rising star among Prime Minister Abe’s close allies. She is a fourth-term member of House of Representatives from Fukui Prefecture and also serves as Chairperson of the Group of Tradition and Creation of LDP. Among other posts, she has served as Minister of State for Regulatory Reform (2012-1014). She is a graduate of Waseda University, Faculty of Law.

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Japan Chair
Defense and Security, International Security, Governance
Asia, Japan

Keyword: 12月14日、河野消費者相は消費者庁幹部らをある県に1週間ほど滞在させ、移転の実証実験を行う方針を明かしました。その都道府県はどこでしょう?, 12月14日、河野消費者相は消費者庁幹部らをある県に1週間ほど滞在させ、移転の実証実験を行う方針を明かしました。その都道府県はどこでしょう?, 12月14日、河野消費者相は消費者庁幹部らをある県に1週間ほど滞在させ、移転の実証実験を行う方針を明かしました。その都道府県はどこでしょう?

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  1. Albert Arthur Parsnips

    This insensitive liar and ( ahem ) ' historical revisionist ' is, indeed, a picture-perfect figurine to slot into the hyper-nationalist, fantasist right-wing spectrum that is current mainstream opinion in Japan.

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