—Table of Contents(目次)—
00:00 Sea-Tac Airport (シータック空港)
01:56 University of Washington The Ave (ワシントン大学 The Ave)
03:34 University of Washington Cherry Blossom (ワシントン大学 桜の木)
06:10 University of Washington Lunch (ワシントン大学 ランチ)
07:44 Seattle I5 Traffic (シアトルのI5高速道路交通状況)
08:12 Space Needle (スペースニードル)
08:52 Seattle Building Constructions (シアトル ビルの建設)
09:04 Amazon Spheres (アマゾンスフィア アマゾン本社)
09:52 Pike Place Market (パイクプレースマーケット)
10:22 Original Starbucks (スターバックス1号店)
10:34 Pike Place Market 2 (パイクプレースマーケット2)
12:13 Downtown Seattle (シアトルのダウンタウン)
13:30 Pioneer Square (パイオニアスクエア)
14:27 Waterfront (ウォーターフロント)
15:30 T-Mobile Park (ティーモバイルパーク)
16:06 Chinatown-International District (チャイナタウンーインターナショナルディストリクト)
16:46 Uwajimaya (宇和島屋)

The novel coronavirus has been raging all over the world since the reports of a rampant outbreak in China in 2019. The city of Seattle became the American epicenter of the coronavirus since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the state of Washington in January 2020. American people started to fear the virus since then and the growing concern in the nation made people feel panicked, which led to the hoarding of toilet paper, water, etc. From the fear of infection and to prevent the spread of virus, people in Seattle began teleworking and tried to stay home as much as they can. The preventative measures for coronavirus taken by government or companies affected many business activities in Seattle tremendously and some media broadcasted that Seattle turned into a ghost town. I became curious about how Seattle was changed and how people behaved during this coronavirus pandemic. I took a trip to Seattle to see it with my own eyes and made a video. I hope you will enjoy the video.


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